September 10, 2018

Essential Fall Reading | Blog Post Roundup

If you are anything like us, September always seems to catch us off guard. Perhaps it's our adamant refusal to accept that summer is nearing an end, but it definitely feels like overnight the air has turned crisper, the days are noticeably shorter, and we have forcefully been shoved back into routines, schedules, and a million things on the go.

It's definitely a month of adjustment and transition, but with a little planning and a good dose of gentle patience, we will find our autumn groove once again.

Below are three blog posts from passed fall seasons to help get the cogs in motion. We suggest picking one single project to focus on this week to help gently ease back into things. Perhaps it's meal planning for the coming week, maybe it's tackling your front hall closet to rotate out summer things making space for backpacks, lunch kits, and jackets, or perhaps it's overhauling your kitchen pantry- stocking up with after school snacks and cold weather essentials.

Or maybe it's simply making yourself a cup of tea and reading through the posts to plant a few seeds for another time. Wherever you are at in this busy season of life, know that it is enough.

The Essential Back to School Organizing List
Tips to help get your home and life organized, ensuring your back to school/ fall transition runs smoothly.

Three Easy-Win Projects to Tackle This Weekend!
3 bite-sized, easy-win projects that will replace feelings of stress and overwhelm with ones of pride, accomplishment, and overall lightness.

Make the Perfect Homework Station 
Learn to create the perfect homework station so after school is stress-free, streamlined, and easy to keep tidy.

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