May 07, 2015

How Home Buyers and Sellers Benefit from Hiring a Professional Organizer

Room to Breathe has prepared many a home for sale in Calgary and have assisted numerous families with unpacking and settling in to a new home.  By transforming your house into a neat packaged product, a professional organizer can improve your chances of attaining a quick sale.  Before listing your house on the market in Calgary, a professional organizer can help you:

February 04, 2015

Minimalism - not as scary as it sounds

Written by Jenna Nibourg, owner of Tiger Lily Interiors and leader of Calgary's Minimalist Group.

I love hearing more and more people talk about minimalism lately. It is something that I have been striving for the last year and it has really made a huge difference in my life. When minimalism comes up in conversation while organizing someone’s home, our client will often comment or give the idea that they think it is way out of their reach so they won’t even try. I think this is because an image comes to mind of a person living in a tiny home owning less then 100 items… But this image is not very accurate for the majority of people simplifying their life.