May 07, 2015

How Home Buyers and Sellers Benefit from Hiring a Professional Organizer

Room to Breathe has prepared many a home for sale in Calgary and have assisted numerous families with unpacking and settling in to a new home.  By transforming your house into a neat packaged product, a professional organizer can improve your chances of attaining a quick sale.  Before listing your house on the market in Calgary, a professional organizer can help you:

De-personalize: You'll want your buyers to visualize themselves in your house.  Personal items distract from their ability to see its potential.

Restore rooms to core functions:
Buyers believe what they see.  If you've converted your dining room to an office, house exercise equipment in the living room or if your family room doubles as the music room, house hunters can't see past your stuff. They’ll think you're home isn't laid out well, or worse, that some rooms are entirely missing. Your house appears organized when everything is in its rightful place, there is no confusion for the homebuyer and they can easily visualize their own furniture fitting into the room. Similarly, if your entrance is welcoming, your furniture is arranged for ease of flow and two cars fit into your two car garage, everything is as expected.

Declutter: Room by room purging, donating, recycling and moving of items elsewhere is a necessary step to declutter your home for a quicker sale.  Purging before a move also reduces the quantity of unnecessary items you'll have to move with you. Professional organizers ensure your donatables and recyclables are carted away so you are left with a finished product and peace of mind.

Organize in drawers and behind doors: An alphabetized spice drawer and an orderly pantry will tell the prospective buyer that you've put care and attention to detail into this home. They may even think that they too can be this organized if they live there. Rearranging closets and kitchen cabinets is a must because buyers really do snoop in there.
Pack excess and rarely used items:
  It’s difficult both physically and emotionally to sort through years of accumulated items and memories.  A professional organizer can speed up the process, nudging you to take a more objective approach as you’re weeding out and paring down your belongings. Boxing away excess and rarely used items prior to listing your house for sale will put you ahead of the game and ensure your move is swift and seamless.

On the other end of things, if you are moving into a new space, the Calgary professional organizers of Room to Breathe can help you set up your new home right, from the start.  For an easy transition, a professional organizer ensures that:

You can start living in your new home right away.  Boxes are unpacked in order of priority and things are put away where you would intuitively look for them.  Your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms are organized first so daily life can continue without interruption.

There's a place for everything and everything is in its place.  This concept can be taken to creative levels that homeowners could take weeks or months to accomplish on their own.  A professional organizer can aid in establishing a routine for logically thinking about where everything goes, so that your habit for orderliness becomes routine.

Systems are set up from the beginning. From how you process incoming mail and how laundry day unfolds to where the everyday dishes are housed so children may help set the table are all decided on day one, for ease of flow throughout your day. 

The details are all taken care of.
  Organizers work with busy families and professionals to coordinate and manage the details of their move.  From coordinating the cleaners and liaising with the movers to shopping for storage supplies and ensuring you have enough new coat hangers, Room to Breathe is that extra helping you need to get everything in order. Hiring a professional organizer in Calgary gives you the time you need to spend on things that matter most.

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