November 28, 2013

Kid's Toy Storage Labels

Ever wondered if there was a way to make clean up time fun and easy for you and the kids?  This professional home organizer in Calgary knows how.  First you must get organized by sorting all the toys and/or craft supplies into appropriate bins or drawers or cupboards.  Then the key is to add labels. Labels make maintaining an organized space easy.

And the fun part - for little ones that cannot yet read, try printing labels with pictures instead of words.  Then clean-up time can become either a matching game or a way for your child to feel like they have an “adult job”.

You can customize your picture labels quite easily by cutting out an image from the packaging of the toy or doing a quick search online for the exact product.  You could also whip out your camera and take pictures of their exact toys.  If your child is at the age of learning to read, you can use pictures along with words.

Clear packing tape over the labels printed on printer paper or any Avery label that is big enough to fit the picture will work. Once you buy the labels you can go online and download the correct template to use on your computer.  The clear packing tape also adds durability and washability from little sticky fingers.

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